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Review: Kaiju Score #2

Kaiju Score #2

Kaiju Score takes the typical heist story and gives it a twist with kaiju being the real obstacle to success. Kaiju Score #1 did a solid job of setting up the crime, the characters, and the stakes. Kaiju Score #2 twists things a bit by throwing in obstacles many of which are unexpected and all add to the over-the-top nature of the concept.

Written by James Patrick, the second goes as expected but does so in unexpected ways. There’s some solid work done in the storytelling aspect that adds details that makes things a bit more “believable”. Our team of thieves has to prepare for their score and wait for the perfect time to do their thing. By adding the fact that they had to wait and there were false starts makes things a bit easier to accept and swallow as a concept. That sort of detail grounds the story in some ways.

Patrick has foreshadowed the series pretty clearly. This is a heist that’s going to go off the rails and we as readers are supposed to just enjoy the disaster of a ride. Each character has a fault and each can bring it all to an end. The question is, which one will be the cause of things going wrong and how? It’s all not an if but a when.

Kaiju Score #2 delivers some of that as things quickly begin to go wrong and it’s far more than just one thing. Patrick takes our expectations and the obvious and twists it a bunch delivering obstacles we didn’t expect. There’s a bit of a feint to it all and it works really well.

Everything looks slick and cool due to the art of Rem Broo who’s joined by Dave Sharpe. The art style is distinct and unique. It gives Kaiju Score #2 an interesting look that plays off the pulp heist aspect of it all. The characters look good, the action is solid, and even the team waiting around is interesting. There’s small details that add to the experience and punctuate the laughs. I’m note sure the series would work as well with a different art style, this is one that just works and works really well with the tone of it all.

Kaiju Score #2 takes us in an expected direction but does it in a way that’s not expected at all. We know things are going to go wrong. The issue delivers that relatively quickly and then piles onto it all and does so in a direction that’s not what was set up. It’s a fun second issue that keeps the reader on their toes awaiting the next trap to go off and up the difficulty level of the heist.

Story: James Patrick Art: Rem Broo Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Story: 8.1 Art: 8.1 Overall: 8.1 Recommendation: Buy

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