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Richard Meyer’s Lawsuit Against Mark Waid is Dismissed

Joker Judge

After months of silence, a final update has been released concerning the lawsuit by Richard Meyer against Mark Waid. The suit claiming “tortious interference with contract and defamation” has jointly been decided to end with neither party admitting liability or responsibility. Also, neither party can “claim to have achieved any victory” and both have agreed to assume their own fees and costs.

The first amended complaint of the lawsuit was filed on July 24, 2019.

The lawsuit arose over claims that Waid interfered with the publication of Meyer’s comic Jawbreakers by Antarctic Press. Since then, the comic has been successfully been published. That, along with COVID-19’s impact, and in the “best interests of all concerned and the comic book community at large”, the lawsuit has ended.

Full Disclosure: This site provided a financial donation and other support to Waid’s defense

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