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Zenescope Announces a Shift to Stand-Alone Stories


Zenescope Entertainment is changing its publishing program beginning in January 2021. Zenescope will turn its focus toward publishing monthly, quarterly, and annual stand-alone stories within its large shared universe. These newly formatted books will be unnumbered and “oversized” issues containing anywhere from 32 to 72 pages of content.

All of the company’s “Grimm Universe” titles will be published under a new format, with the exception of Zenescope’s flagship series, Grimm Fairy Tales, which will remain a monthly numbered title through at least issue 50.

The shift in publishing is in response to consumer changes including the want of a full story all at once instead of spread out over numerous months. It also allows new readers to jump into a series at any point. These newly formatted and focused comics will be new reader friendly as well as featuring something for longtime fans.

Zenescope has also made a concerted effort to work hand in hand with brick and mortar comic book shops. Starting in January, the company’s comics will be guaranteed returnable for retailers who qualify for Zenescope’s Gold, Silver, or Platinum program. Zenescope will also offer qualifying retailers deeper discounts, free marketing materials, and special retailer incentive covers. For information on the new retailer tiers please contact your Diamond Previews representative or Zenescope Entertainment