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Halloween Treats with Hey Jay Cosplay

On the eve of darkness and mayhem, there is a single glimmer of light that shines over the city. She’s forged many costumes and attire to appear among the innocent and the curious. Her looks brighten the darkest day as she offers herself with the most powerful energy of all, LOVE. Though she is a Moonie, please don’t hold that against her. Halloween is almost upon us and with her at our site, we will all prevail. Jay Sutton is in the house and is our next Halloween Special Edition interview. So stop sinking your teeth at someone’s neck and welcome our next vixen cosplay guest, Hey Jay Cosplay.

HeyJay: Thank you Raven Steel for having me for this Halloween Special interview with me. 

Raven: Believe me, the pleasure is all mine and your car keys. 

Raven: As you might not know before I begin to ask you my list of Ghoulish questions, I offer some words of advice, a ballad of encouragement when you find yourself at crossroads during your career, and in today’s world we all need some inspirational words to make it through all this. So here goes, “Never regret a day in your life: Good days give happiness, Bad days give experience, Worse days give lessons, and the best days give memories”.  

Raven: Now, before the full moon breaks thru the cloudy night sky, tell our reader about yourself. 

HeyJay: I’m a Cosplayer and gamer from South Florida. I am a Moonie who believes Sailor Moon will solo your entire verse (yes, even Goku). Traveling is another hobby of mine so I can’t wait for outside to officially open back up again so we can go to conventions and travel around (safely). 

Raven: Are you a pet lover?

HeyJay: I LOVE pets. I wish I had a dog but can’t afford the time right now. I do have a hedgehog that I love so much!

Raven: What is your Zodiac sign?

HeyJay: I am a Leo. Proud fire sign here

Raven: What sort of Season is Hey Jay? Winter /Spring / Summer / Fall.

HeyJay: I’m a Summer baby, but my favorite season is Fall. Living in South Florida, Summer gives us ZERO relief, especially with this damn humidity. 

Raven: What would it take Hey Jay Cosplay to spend the night at an abandoned Mental Institution that’s Haunted? 

HeyJay: Aint nothing in the world

Raven: How did you get the cosplayer name Hey Jay Cosplay?

HeyJay: I’m not good with making up names so I just did what rhymed LOL I wish I had a deep meaning

Raven: Would you say Jay’s an artist or loves getting dressed up?

HeyJay: A little of both. I love the transformative feel of each cosplay, but I also love bringing a vision to life. I think cosplayers are artists.

Raven: For the record, can we dispel any myths or legends about the black women living in America?

HeyJay: In regards to the nerd community, there’s the dumb myth that black women cannot be “true” nerds or indulge in certain hobbies because of their own choice -it is always because they’re trying to be cool or attract a man, and of course, this is absolutely false. 

Who is watching 900 episodes of One Piece to impress a man? Like…no

Raven: Do you have a favorite Comic, Anime, Manga, graphic novel book you like to read or watch? 

HeyJay: Sailor Moon is my favorite. It fills me with such joy and nostalgia. 

Raven: Would the Lifestyle of a Vampire or a Werewolf be a good career change? 

HeyJay: With the way 2020 is going, it would make sense and spice things up.

Raven: What is Hey Jay Cosplay is notorious for? 

HeyJay: I’m known for the most random yet fun things. One is not finishing my chicken wings, which is crazy because I do LOL. People send me memes and videos of chicken wings just because and it’s hilarious but also slander!!! 

Cosplay-wise probably just being fun with memes and videos and also using afro-centric hairstyles.

Raven: What does the Spirit of Halloween mean to you? 

HeyJay: It’s a cool time when people who don’t cosplay/dress-up meet in the middle with those who do it year-round. It’s almost “unifying”

Raven: What Anime/Manga character best describes your personality? 

HeyJay: I don’t know anymore. I used to think Sailor Jupiter, but I continue to grow as a person so I think a mix of characters.

Raven: As a young beautiful child, what sort of Nerdy or Geeky thing(s) you found yourself doing growing up?  

HeyJay: I was definitely watching anime and writing fan-fiction. I loved reading some good fan-fiction, and I even tried my hand at it.

Raven: Were you a shy or outgoing young girl growing up? What was your Break-Out age?

HeyJay: I was a shy kid who didn’t become outgoing until the latter part of high school years.

Raven: What sort of costumes/cosplay wear are your favorites? 

HeyJay: Gender-bend cosplays are my absolute favorites. 

Raven: As of right now, how many cosplay outfits do you own? 

HeyJay: Couldn’t even tell you, but just know I have a closet and bins dedicated solely to cosplay stuff. 

Raven: Why does the Black brother or sister always get killed first in any Horror Movie? 

HeyJay: Because the movie would be over quicker if they lived!

Raven: Tell me about how you became Co-Founder of the Urban Anime Lounge? 

HeyJay: A few friends and I had a vision for an amazing social community that merged our interests as anime fans and just as people. 

We created the Facebook group and then kept expanding from there by planning in-person social events. It’s dope to see the number of friendly connections people have made from the group.

Raven: What do you prefer doing indoor or out shots? 

HeyJay: I want to do more photoshoots! Preferably outside because I am such a fan of natural light. 

Raven: During the night, your door is broken down (Not by the Police). As a hoard of Killer Clowns begin to break down your bedroom door, what item(s) would you find in your room to defend yourself? 

HeyJay: A can of mace, taser, scissors and a ring light

Raven: Fans nowadays want their favorite cosplayer so more wearing less. What’s your opinion about Lewd or Only Fans photos? 

HeyJay: Lewd or OnlyFan photos are great. There’s a lot of fo creativity that goes into the sets, which is dope.

Raven: Should these women control what sort of photos should be taken or answer to their fans what they want to see? 

HeyJay: I think unless anyone should be able to express themselves artistically as they please. Fans are great to have as support and it is nice to be in tune with what your fanbase wants, but no one should completely control what someone else does.

Raven: How was it and do you get any unusual requests? 

HeyJay: I have gotten some unusual requests even though I have not posted any content along those lines. 

Raven: Do you think Lewds/ Spicy photos are a form of artistry or profit? 

HeyJay: Photoshoots are artistic in themselves that translate to profit. It is not “easy” to just take those pics and go. A lot goes into it. I respect people who express themselves how they want.

Raven: What is the first thing people notice first when meeting Hey Jay Cosplay when people meet you for the first time? How do your fans treat you?

HeyJay:  I still get caught off guard when people recognize me, and I hope that does not translate to my reaction. It is a happy surprise, and I love those interactions. 

People are so sweet so I greet them with the same energy.

Raven: Do you think the black community is respected and appreciate their cosplay work? What needs to change? 

HeyJay: Black cosplayers are not respected enough. There are so many trolls who aim to bring black cosplayers down, and they just need to go outside and get some business about themselves instead of harassing and/or Berating people online. 

Raven: If you were given an Ouija Board on a dark stormy night, who would you contact?

HeyJay: Nobody WTH LOL. I’m not touching it

Raven: Are there people that you admire for their cosplay? 

HeyJay: Soooo many. I have a general admiration for anyone that puts themselves out there because it takes some guts!

Raven: What sort of advice or pointer you can give to new cosplayers out there? 

HeyJay: Identify your goal, but also don’t be afraid to change what that goal is.  This is for you and it’s fun so don’t let anyone interfere with that.

Raven: Can I get a Hug? 

HeyJay: Maybe when the Rona is gone :) 

Raven: Fair Enough.

As the doors give way and the hoard of Zombies begin to feast upon our flesh, I look over to Hey Jay Cosplay, “We’re Done!” That’s it, people. It is in Tha Books. Thank you HeyJay Cosplay for allowing this old-timer trick o treater in her beautiful universe. 

HeyJay: Thank you, Raven. I had a fun time answering your questions. Now, can you give me back my keys so that I can go home? Haha!

Raven: Beautiful and Funny. If I can ask you one more question, where can readers get more treats with HeyJay Cosplay?

HeyJay: Of course. We can discuss the worth of your soul, later. In the meantime, here is some site anyone can get more of me. 


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This has been a Raven Steel Exclusive.

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