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Preview: Softies


WRITER: Kyle Smeallie
ILLUSTRATOR: Kyle Smeallie
AGE RANGE: Middle Grade (10-12)
GENRE: Science Fiction / Humor
SRP: $15
PUB DATE: October 20, 2020
PUBLISHER: Iron Circus Comics

Earth has exploded! Here’s what happens next.

When planet Earth just kind of blows up without warning, 13-year-old Kay becomes the world’s youngest chunk of space debris. She’s inadvertently rescued from the vacuum by Arizona, an alien space-waste collector, and Euclid, his erudite cybernetic pet, and from there this unlikely trio blasts off for the most outlandish, hilarious, and occasionally bureaucratic adventure of their lives!

As Arizona tries to keep their ship on course and show Kay the ways of the wider universe, her new role as Earth’s sole survivor slowly comes into focus through each increasingly silly stop on their wild intergalactic road trip. The fledgling team is on a search for the next big score and a loose concept called “home,” both answered by the eternal question: “Where to next?”