BOOM! Kicks Keanu Reeves, Matt Kindt, and Ron Garney’s BRZRKR to Kickstarter

As part of a campaign to bring new readers to comics BOOM! Studios has announced that BRZRKR, the new series from the iconic Keanu Reeves alongside New York Times bestselling co-writer Matt Kindt, superstar artist Ron Garney, colorist Bill Crabtree, and letterer Clem Robins, will be offered in complete graphic novel sets through Kickstarter. The full campaign can be found here at Kickstarter.

Fans will have an opportunity to pre-order all three graphic novel collections of the new series in regular, limited edition and ultra-rare, premium formats through October 1 at 12:00 pm PDT. BRZRKRgraphic novel collections offered through Kickstarter will begin shipping alongside the book market release of BRZRKR Vol.1 in September 2021, with subsequent volumes shipping at the same time as their book market counterparts (unless otherwise noted for later delivery).

The move by BOOM! signals Kickstarter’s continued shift from a crowdfunding platform to a distribution platform. This shifts the site to another socially driven distribution channel. In the announcement, it’s clear that the publisher is working directly with Kickstarter’s Head of Publishing and Comics, Margot Atwell. Kickstarter has been criticized over the years that their platform is no longer for “new projects in need of funding” and instead has shifted to be a pre-order system for product already being released. Kickstarter has in the past pushed back at this claim but with this project, all pretenses are gone.

In this brutally violent new series, the man known only as Berzerker is half-mortal and half-God, cursed and compelled to violence…even at the sacrifice of his sanity.  But after wandering the world for centuries, Berzerker may have finally found a refuge – working for the U.S. government to fight the battles too violent and too dangerous for anyone else. In exchange, Berzerker will be granted the one thing he desires – the truth about his endless blood-soaked existence…and how to end it.