Exclusive: Tyler Kirkham Talks Covering Bloodshot

Tyler Kirkham has covered a lot of comics. The artist has provided covers for the biggest publishers drawing us to check out the excitement within.

Kirkham has brought that excitement to Valiant delivering the “A” covers for Bloodshot “Burned” which runs through issues #7-9.

We got the exclusive to ask him a few questions about his process and what might have changed with the character making his big-screen debut.

Graphic Policy: Can you talk us through your creative process when coming up with these covers?

Tyler Kirkham: I’ve been doing a lot more digital coloring recently. So, these have been a good test for me. I roughly sketch them out and start painting them. I wanted a more serious feel on these, so I went a bit darker and grittier with the textures.

GP: One of my favorite covers from the series so far is your cover for Bloodshot #7. Where did the idea for the cover come from? 

TK: Well, skeletons are fun to draw and I thought it was fitting with him being an experiment. It kinda just came to me and I was super happy that Valiant let me roll with the concept. Sometimes when I get asked to draw certain characters, I’ll have images pop in my head immediately that I think will make great covers. I just have to get them on paper and hope they turn out the way that did in my head.

GP: How does creating a cover differ from working on the interior of the comic?

TK: I don’t do too much interior work these days. My main focus has been on covers for the last few years. I am able to spend more time focusing on getting it right.  I enjoy drawing new characters. This was my first time ever drawing Bloodshot, so it was refreshing.

GP: With the film and some readers coming from that, does that factor in at all as to what direction you went with the covers?

TK: Yeah, I looked at some of the posters and screenshots from the film for inspiration. What I was really happy about was my covers were coming out at the same time as the film. I still need to watch it again!

GP: Thanks so much for chatting. And you can check out Tyler’s awesome covers below!

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