Recap: Umbrella Academy S1E7 “The Day That Was”

When the last episode of Umbrella Academy ended we were all in our feelings  after the day rewound and Five popped back into their end of the world meeting giving them the name “Harold Jenkins”.  The Day That Was shows Harold grows up to be Leonard and he has been obsessed with the Umbrella Academy team since he discovered that he had their birthday but, he was raised in an abusive household and had no powers. He once dressed up as a team member in a home made costume and approached Hargreeves only to be rebuffed after grabbing Allison and announcing his intentions, he is laughed at by the crowd and grows resentful and murderous, his first victim was his father and he got twelve years in prison. When he was released he stole the identity of Leonard, stole the journal Klaus discarded and used it to get revenge through Vanya. Because of the time shift, he finds out they know his real name and he takes Vanya away so, she never finds the journal or kills him and we are back at square one and the apocalypse is happening.


Allison calls Vanya to apologize and try to fix their relationship and tells her that she loves her while waiting for Diego to get Harold Jenkins’s file and she realizes that her hunches were right and Leonard is no good for her sister. Klaus still wants to get clean and this time he turns to Luther, who is super drunk and,  really wants to talk to dad and doesn’t get how Klaus’s gift works because tossing him about doesn’t really work. Klaus tries to talk Luther down from his drunkenness and gets sort of clean while taking care of his big brother because he’s been there.

Diego, Number Five and Allison head over to Leonard/Harold’s place to confront him and get him away from their sister so they can stop the apocalypse and while don’t find him or Vanya they find his creepy murder shrine devoted to the Academy making them worry more about their sister. But, Harold/Leonard is already a step ahead of them and has taken Vanya to a remote cabin to weaponize her. Number Five succumbs to some shrapnel wounds he got while blowing up the Commission HQ and Ben & Klaus head into the night to find Luther and save him from himself.

Runaways: Hazel is about to make a run for it with the waitress but, Cha-Cha has other plans because she thought that Hazel was in love with her like she was in love with him. When Hazel heads back to the motel room to tell Cha-Cha his plans he finds her notice to terminate him and sets the same trap we saw in the last episode but, this time he doesn’t kill her. He just incapacitates her and goes on the run with the waitress.

O, Brother Where Art Thou: Klaus has to be the responsible one. With Luther all about living his best life now that he is free from his father’s expectations and when Klaus and Ghost Ben track him down to a night club where Luther is the main attraction, the music and lights are blaring and drugs are flowing freely Klaus has a few flashbacks and can’t cope.  After resisting temptation and tossing the drugs that Luther was about to take Klaus falls to the floor and as he tries to retrieve them he finds himself coming face to face with and then losing Dave again. With Ben’s urging Klaus tries to save Luther from well, everything that could go wrong in a club when someone who never drank or did drugs decides to do both but, something shifts and Klaus ends up in a space between death and life.

The Gangs Not All Here: Diego isn’t wearing the Number Faux One label very well and after bringing an injured Five back to the manor for Mom to take care of him, Diego who is still a murder suspect turns himself in and sends Allison to the cabin where he thinks Leonard/Harold is keeping their sister so that she can save her and hopefully all together save the world.

I’m Ordinary and I’m OK:  Leonard/Harold takes Vanya into the middle of nowhere and tries to help her unlock her powers so he can live vicariously through her but, she has no desire to be anything but, who she is. She watched her siblings ruin their lives with their powers and she is perfectly okay being who she is, even if it is “ordinary”. The dings in Leonard/Harold’s nice guy armor are starting to become easier to see but, she thinks that he is all she has so, even though he’s throwing up red flags like sports fans throw up confetti at a parade, she stays because she thinks that he is the only person who cares for her.

Unleash The Vanya: After a night out at the local bar, a group of thugs attack Leonard/Harold and cause him to lose an eye, which means he gets the eye that Five has been searching for and Vanya is forced to go full Dark Phoenix to protect him. He still ends up in the hospital but, he’s seen what Vanya can do.