Review: Sist3rs Book 1


When one thinks of monsters, you also think of the ones who vanquish them. For Dracula, it’s Van Helsing, which was last seen in the BBC Netflix co-production. It offered, under Steven Moffett’s deft guidance, a relatable yet fierce version of Van Helsing. It also provided an almost infallible version of Dracula, who ultimately gets outwitted by this version of Van Helsing. This is one of the most popular and most prominent examples of this archetype.

It has translated to comics, in both relationships at DC between villain and hero, Batman & Joker, and Superman & Lex Luthor.  What I find confounding is the lack of monster hunters that are POC, which is why I was so glad when I read David Walker, Chuck Brown, and Sanford Greene’s masterpiece Bitter Root. It’s about a Black family who just so happens to be monster hunters. The book added another set of protagonists who were complex and relatable. Geoff Thorne also has ventured to add to the canon with his book, Sist3rs.

We meet Ruul, a young woman growing up in an Afrikan village, who has just gotten married, and whose husband must go through a trial that all young men in their village undergo. As her husband departs for his trial, Ruul, looks as he leaves with sorrow. As in this rite of passage, he must fight for life and to a certain extent, temptation, as his true nature will determine whether or not he passes. By the issue’s end, Ruul also succumbs to true nature, as she raises shield and spear to fight for her husband.

Overall, a powerful debut issue that introduces one of the protagonists and the moment she becomes what she was always meant to be. The story by Thorne is enthralling. The art by Thorne is gorgeous. Altogether, a story I definitely cannot wait to continue.

Story: Geoff Thorne Art: Geoff Thorne
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy