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Super-Articulate: Emerging from Quarantine, Oh Wait, We’re Not Edition

I suppose we could also call this the “best-laid plans” edition. A few months back, I had plans for a particular series of articles under the Super-Articulate banner. And then . . . well . . . you know: things got weird. I was working from home, and that was busy. My wife and teenage sons were in the house, and that was busier. I landed a really big freelance gig (more when I can tell you) and had other freelance stuff happening. And stuff slid.

On the other hand, we’re entering a really big period of new product either the actual shelves are being set up for pre-order. In that bit of a lull, I’m going to look at a new item that started arriving from pre-orders in the past couple of weeks, and a slightly older item that’s still making its way around. They’re both from the Star Wars Black Series. Up first . . .

THE CHILD: The amazing character find of 2019 is . . . tiny. Like, really tiny. Yes, he’s to scale, but holy crap, he’s tiny. It’s kind of insane that the figure is as detailed as it is because, well, did I mention that he’s tiny? The little creature is a shocking 1.1” tall. And yet, the craftsmanship here is crazy. How did they sculpt this? A 2-up would still be less than 2.5”. Was it a 4-up? Regardless, look at the tiny wrinkles on his clothes.

And yet, even with the small size, there’s still some poseability of the head and arms. To be fair, we don’t see the little guy move much beyond that in the show, anyway. Still, I’m struck by how good the Child looks standing next to the Mandalorian. It would have been cool to get the floating pram, but I wouldn’t be shocked to see that made in the future.

Packing in a slide-open plastic case for the three accessories is a genius idea, but it would be insanely easy to lose these. Frankly, I opted to keep them in the case for exactly that reason. The accessories include the ball/control knob from the Razor Crest, the famous bowl from which to sip, and the frog-like creature, suitable for eating.

My overall verdict is that I think it’s great. Yes, I was shocked at the smallness, but it’s scale-appropriate and it’s very well-rendered. It’s also half the cost of a regular Black Series figure, which feels about right. Good on Hasbro to put so much thought into what’s already a hit figure.

General Grievous: Speaking of putting in some thought . . . damn. Grievous is awesome. The entire body and head has to be proprietary tooling, because no one else in the Star Wars Galaxy has body parts like this. The four arms are impressively articulated, given their thinness, and the hands hold the four enclosed lightsabers with ease. I also found the face detail to be well-done and accurate.

Possibly the best part about the Grievous figure is its versatility. The four arms and multiple points of articulation allow for a number of poses. It’s hard to pick one that doesn’t make this guy look good on a shelf. I also find that the cloth cape enhances the look of the figure, as it falls in interesting ways depending on how the arms are posed.

I’ve heard some complaints that the figure is hard to stand, but I had good luck with that. I find that favoring a hunch, as the character generally appears, makes it an easier proposition. I think it’s appropriate that this is a deluxe figure in a larger package and slightly higher price point, given the work that had to go into the unique parts. I also like that it came out just ahead of the new run of prequel figures, particularly that Obi-Wan Kenobi. I think this one’s really solid overall.

That’s all for the moment, everyone. I plan to be back soon to catch up on some Marvel Legends, including the Retro Gray Beast, Rage, Mach-1, and a deep look at the most recent FF assortment (which I only just got myself). Thanks for reading; glad to have you back.