Tales From the Comic Shop Takes On DC Quitting Diamond

Tales From the Comic Shop is a weekly podcast about the business side of nerd culture. Fusing together the fans with creators, historians, shop owners, publishers, and more to get the most accurate news right from the source, without the spin and sensationalism of comic news sites.

Turmoil has engulfed your local comic shops. The distribution of DC Comics to outlying distributors is in dispute. Hoping to resolve the matter with a blockade of deadly battleships, the greedy Comic Federation has stopped all shipping to the small planet of Naboo. While the Congress of the Republic endlessly debates this alarming chain of events, the Supreme Chancellor has secretly dispatched three Podcasters, the guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy, to talk about the conflict…

In their latest episode, they take on the news that DC Comics will no longer be distributed through Diamond Comic Distributors. If you want the inside scoop from folks directly impacted by the decision, this is the podcast to listen to.