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Review: Animalheads #0


When you are growing up in this world, there are things your parents groom you for and some things they don’t. This is not simply because they don’t know which sometimes the case is. It’s also to let you learn on your own. Those are the lessons you hang onto the rest of your life.

This is when reality sets in and you start learning exactly who you are. You hope you have the tools you need to move forward. When you feel you don’t have choices is when things become desperate. In the prequel issue of Animalheads, we find a group of friends who take a gag and make it a profitable gig.

We meet Vicki, Oli, Lucy and Wyatt, four friends who are coming to the end of their college days and not knowing where they are going in life. Vicki has just killed someone and Lucy is wondering what to do about this dead body. Wyatt decides to get away as fast as possible from the scene of the crime. Eventually, the reader finds out, it was a deal that went wrong between the parties. By issue’s end, an uncertain future awaits them, one that may signal that their fates are sealed.

Overall, a nice way to start a crime story. The story by Son M. is thrilling. The art by Sam Curtis is beautiful. Altogether, a story that feels very familiar but so very unique.

Story: Son M. Art: Sam Curtis
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

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