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Artists, Writers & Artisans Inks an Exclusive Distribution Deal with Diamond

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Diamond Comic Distributors has signed a distribution agreement with Artists, Writers & Artisans to exclusively distribute their products to comic book specialty markets worldwide. Diamond was also awarded the rights to exclusively distribute Artists, Writers & Artisans’s new releases to the North American book market under the banner of Diamond Book Distributors.

Artists, Writers & Artisans, also known as AWA Studios, is an independent publisher crafting new characters, stories, and worlds for a 21st century audience. The company approaches the comic book industry with a new business model, one that focuses on creators and gives them ownership of their work, the company, or even both. Founded by Marvel alumni Axel Alonso and Bill Jemas, along with former CEO of AOL and of Digital Media at News Corp, Jon Miller, AWA Studios aims to give power back to the creators with a genre-blending, sky’s-the-limit approach to storytelling.

AWA Studios boasts a continuously expanding library of standalone stories and ongoing series that span genres and audiences, offering diverse tales for a broad range of readers. Upcoming trade paperback releases include The Resistance, Year Zero, Archangel 8, Red Border, and Hotell.

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