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It’s a Ninja Sex Party… The Graphic Novel… May 5 from Fantoons

Ninja Sex Party has one goal: make you laugh until your heart explodes with their rockin’ melodies. They deliver just that to over 1.31 million YouTube subscribers with over 270 million views, not to mention they’re the #1 Billboard comedy band. But what happened before Dan Avidan and Brian Wecht formed the legendary explosive band.

On May 5th, Fantoons brings this fully authorized real-life tale of the two-man band to a gorgeous graphic novel. Ninja Sex Party: The Graphic Novel, Part I: Origins is the all-new 120 page, full-color hardcover, and double story graphic novel that’ll make music fans, gamers, even newbies flip!

Based on personal in-depth interviews with band members Dan Avidan (Danny Sexbang) and Brian Wecht (Ninja Brian), this graphic novel is the first to tell the NSP Origin Story. Using a unique format, the book tells two biographical stories that meet in the middle. Read the book one way, and you’ll learn all about Dan’s life from childhood, through his early bands, up to the formation of NSP. Flip the book over and it’s about Brian’s life, growing up in New Jersey, pursuing his career in physics, meeting his wife, and ultimately, how he and Dan found each other.

These stories have never been told before — this is a must-have item for any NSP fan!

Ninja Sex Party: The Graphic Novel, Part I: Origins is the first chapter of a two-volume set documenting their entire story and is available for preorder on the Fantoons websiteAmazonBookshop, Barnes and NobleIndigo, and other fine bookstores on May 5th!

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