Dynamite Launches Mystery Boxes!

Dyanmite Entertainment

To bring some fun (and comics!) into fans’ lives right now, Dynamite is launching two special mystery boxes available to order right now. All with free shipping within the United States for a limited time.

Two separate boxes offer different goodies inside. Choose the boxes you will enjoy opening and reading wisely…

The first Dynamite Mystery Box is just $10 and includes 20 randomly chosen issues from the Dynamite catalog, past and present. The cherry on top is that every box is guaranteed a rare variant, usually valued at $50. The variant is a bonus for sure, but the lot of comics to read is perfect to keep you excited about comics until all stores reopen and new books come out again.

second Dynamite box is priced at $20, and remember the free shipping! This one is packed with two softcover graphic novels and one hardcover collection. The perfect way to kickstart a brand new Dynamite collection from scratch, or fill the holes in your shelf.