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Review: Eagle Heart #1

Eagle Heart 1

Movies about football, or as we call it here in America, soccer, are few and far between. Many of the movies that are made about the sport are about the culture, the fans and their maniacal allegiance to their sports clubs. For instance, Green Street Hooligans, a modern epic about football and one where Elijah Wood really showed his acting chops. The movie is probably as close to that world as the mainstream can get to it. It’s hard to capture the devotion which is even more unwavering than love.

One of my favorite movies was Kuno Becker’s Goal,.The movie featured the rise of a young player in the professional world. The sequel, Goal II, showed a different side, one where the glamour of bright lights and money traps swallow young players, including Becker’s character, Santiago. For anyone curious about the sport, it was able to show an appreciation of it all. In the debut chapter of Eagle Heart, we find a protagonist like Santiago, with everything in the world he has to deal with.

We’re taken to the city of Veracruz, where one young man, Amoldo Guerrero, wakes up at the break of dawn to train for the sport he has played his whole life, Crashball. His day job is working at a fish processing plant. It helps him help his family. Along with going to school full time and his girlfriend Belecia, it leaves him no time for himself. We also meet Amoldo ‘s rival, Emiliano Reyes, who many say is the best player in Veracruz. By issue’s end, Amoldo may have blown a crucial play in a game, one where he may have been injured.

Overall, an exciting story that shows, much like Goal, the trials and tribulations of a professional athlete. The story by Johnny O’Bryant and Abraham Cuzner is fun. The art by Sebastian Riera is beautiful. Altogether, a story that shows athletes as regular humans and so much more.

Story: Johnny O’Bryant and Abraham Cuzner Art: Sebastian Riera
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

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