Review: Anti #1

Anti #1

The newest Terminator movie was a nice bookend for a journey which started almost 35 years ago. It ended a journey while maybe jumpstarting a new franchise, one guided by the original architect, James Cameron. What I took from the movie is how at the core of the story was heart and the greater good. The story of how one person can change humanity is immense and how our very survival depends on this one human being.

The story, though not original in the formula, is very much different in execution. Each iteration of the franchise, though distinct in reception and quality, still had what made the story so magnetic, the need to save the world. Who can’t root for the reluctant hero, one who eventually accepts their journey? In Peter Calloway’s Anti, we find a hero much like Sarah Connor, whose destiny is more complicated than they would ever know.

We’re taken to a motel where we meet a demon hunter by the name of Jordan, who has taken out several demons posing as humans. We also meet Zachary, a man who feels life has let him down, and that he is cursed in the process. Suddenly his life turns upside down when Jordan finds him hunted down by an army of demons, as she has questions as to why and he has questions of why all of a sudden everyone is interested in him. By issue’s end, just when he looks like he has met his fate, is when he finds out just what powers lie within him, which comes as no surprise to Jordan and the demons.

Overall, an excellent first issue to a story that feels like a powder keg looking to blow wide open. The story by Calloway is intense and well characterized. The art by the creative team is beautiful. Altogether, an excellent story that gives a whole new take on the savior genre.

Story: Peter Calloway
Art: Daniel Hillyard, Charlie Kirchoff,
and Brian Stelfreeze
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy