Review: Unpublished


In a world where we’re interested in creators, the director’s cut of any work has become an inevitability. Petitions launched screaming for creators to release their own original intended product has become commonplace. One of the most recent campaigns included Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League. The movie which probably would have been much more fulfilling than what was released was probably the 6-hour version of Watchmen, as the new series shows just how dense this world is.

Another good example of a story enriched by cut scenes is Avengers: Endgame a movie that was an emotional rollercoaster but became even more endearing with the added scenes. Anyone who has ventured into the special features of a Blu-ray can tell you deleted scenes can be the best scenes in a film. The audience can see the many different directions one story can go or what certain scenes may have alluded to. Unpublished is a collection by the burgeoning creator Michael Lee Harris showcasing this rising star’s works in progress.

In “Tug,” a tugboat crew deals with the advancement of technology and how it affects their livelihood. In “Metro Litan,” Harris takes us to a dystopian future where books are a commodity and zombies grow like weeds. In the final story, “Beaver In Chief,” we find a young beaver looking to be chief of his tribe but doesn’t want all of the trials and tribulations. By the book’s end, there are definitely reasons why each story wasn’t picked, but not because of a lack of talent.

Overall, a trio of stories which proves that Harris is a talent that should be on everyone’s radars. The stories by Harris are well developed and well characterized. The art by Harris is beautiful. Altogether, a set of stories both magnetic and full of heart, which makes Harris a creator to watch out for.

Story: Michael Lee Harris Art: Michael Lee Harris
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy