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Review: X-Men #2

X-Men #2 cover

X-Men #2 is an interesting comic in that it feels like it’s both a continuation of what writer Jonathan Hickman has laid out and ignoring it at the same time. Charles Xavier is dead, having been assassinated in X-Force #1. So, while security is of importance this issue doesn’t feel all that different than usual. A mysterious island as emerged and Krakoa is being drawn to it. Is it an issue? Is it a threat? Cyclops takes his son Cable and daughter Prestige to investigate and see.

Hickman gives us an odd issue. The characters feel a bit off and there’s not much reflection on the death of Xavier. Instead, the focus is on the trio exploring the new island. And that feels… weird. There’s a lot of “son” and “dad” thrown around. The awkwardness of this trio just isn’t there. It feels like rather playful banter and relationship that’s rather healthy and not the muddled mess we’ve known. It could be that in this timeline this is the new standard but like so much of what Hickman has written the characterizations feel off. None if it is bad, it’s just different.

Leinil Francis Yu‘s art is solid and the quality that’s expected. Joined by Gerry Alanguilan on ink, Sunny Gho on color, and Clayton Cowles lettering, the art looks sharp. It’s a case where the art exceeds the story. The characters are solid and there’s some interesting designs and detail on the what’s presented.

The comic isn’t bad. There’s some solid humor. It also continues a concept Hickman began in House of X. What the comic feels like is a continued set up. Much like the first issue X-Men #2 is attempting to lay the groundwork for what’s to come. And those final pages makes what’s to come intriguing. First by what’s revealed and second by what’s said. Sadly, a comic isn’t made by its final pages and the lead up is awkward and head scratching. X-Men #2 has its moments but that’s not quite enough.

Story: Jonathan Hickman Art: Leinil Francis Yu
Ink: Gerry Alanguilan Color: Sunny Gho
Letterer: Clayton Cowles Design: Tom Muller
Story: 7.0 Art: 8.5 Overall: 7.0 Recommendation: Read

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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