Dark Horse Promotes Vanessa Todd-Holmes to Vice President of Production and Scheduling

Vanessa Todd-Holmes

Dark Horse Comics has promoted Vanessa Todd-Holmes to the role of Vice President of Production and Scheduling. As the new VP of Production and Scheduling, Todd-Holmes will lead the largest team of employees at Dark Horse, including the design, scheduling, routing, and production departments.

A graduate of Oregon State University, Todd-Holmes enhanced the quality of Dark Horse’s deluxe and limited edition books by researching and using new production techniques such as LED lights, sound chips, deluxe materials, as well as, other exciting product components. As the former Director of Print Production, Todd-Holmes explored and established new partnerships with manufacturing facilities from around the world, and streamlined Dark Horse’s production locations across South East Asia and Europe. In addition to her international focus, Todd-Holmes has also worked to produce more projects domestically to help local economies. A champion of more environmentally friendly production practices, Todd-Holmes has also contributed to substantially reduce production costs during her time at Dark Horse.

As the new Vice President of Production and Scheduling, Todd-Holmes hopes to continue to build relationships with facilities around the world while also continuing to expand and improve internal processes at Dark Horse.