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Review: Wolvenheart #1

Wolvenheart #1

Wolvenheart #1 feels like a lot of things thrown together. There’s a little Castlevania in there mixed with some Doctor Who, some Time Cop, and a dash of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. The concept is simple, a group travels throughout time protecting it from monsters.

Written by Mark London, the comic is a decent debut. There’s some enjoyable about the world and characters though nothing jumps out as truly exciting. Though published by Mad Cave Studios, there’s a Zenescope quality about the story and characters.

We get a lot of foreshadowing and future dread as we learn about the characters and world. And here and there we get some action as well. There’s a bit of a police procedural about it as well as a body is found outside of a town that needs investigation. It’s all good but nothing really great.

The visuals by Alejandro Giraldo with lettering by Miguel Angel Zapata are good. There’s a double page spread that’s fantastic and really stands out as the highlight of the issue. The designs of the characters are solid with each having a distinct personality and enough detail to tell a bit of their story.

Wolvenheart #1 is a fun debut. It isn’t absolutely amazing but if you’re into this sort of concept, it’s well worth picking up and checking out. There’s something there with the setup and Castlevania meets Doctor Who mashup. With the basics out of the way, here’s hoping future issues deliver a little more excitement.

Story: Mark London Art: Alejandro Giraldo
Letterer: Miguel Angel Zapata
Story: 7.0 Art: 7.0 Overall: 7.0 Recommendation: Read

Mad Cave Studios provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review