AfterShock Deploys the AfterShock Army their Brand Ambassador Program

AfterShock Comics

After months of careful recruitment and training, AfterShock Comics has announced the first 9 members of its AfterShock Army, a team of what will grow to be at least 30 brand ambassadors based in 15 regions across North America. Each of these “agents of change” has been charged with working one-on-one with comic shops in their communities to better keep open the lines of communication between publisher and retailer, as well as assist stores in maximizing opportunities to increase sales and build business with the comics, collections and original graphic novels of AfterShock Comics.

AfterShock Army

The first 9 ambassadors and the regions they will serve are:

  • Chris La Torre – Southern California
  • Bill Noftz – Seattle, Washington
  • Stacy Lott – Southern California
  • Ben Freeman – Nashville, Tennessee
  • Matt Rector – Northern Virginia/Washington DC
  • Daniel Kibodeaux – Pacific Northwest
  • Jean Grey – Central Florida
  • Tony White – Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Ed Catto – Central New York

Introductions between ambassadors and stores in their regions will take place this week. In addition to Pruett, Rotterdam and Thompson, Senior Retail Sales Development Manager Marc Hammond, himself a comic shop co-owner, will serve as support.

Additional ambassadors will be added to the team over the next month. As recruitment is an ongoing initiative, those interested in learning more and signing up are invited to connect.