Review: Diary of Night Vol. 1: Distant Thunder

Diary of Night Vol. 1: Distant Thunder

When it comes to stories about vampires, everyone has one that they consider their ideal story. People who grew up watching Hammer horror movies can’t deny that they loved Christopher Lee as the notorious Dracula. Then there’s Gary Oldman’s turn as the legend in what could be considered a pulp classic Bram Stoker’s Dracula. As newer writers came into the Ethisphere, more imaginative creators decided to inject what they saw as vampires.

One such auteur is Guillermo Del Toro who brought the world The Strain, a nightmarish vision of vampires and actually made these infamous creatures scary again. I can truly say that the first movie I saw of his was Blade II which was action entertaining and downright scary. I wished that he would have written the next movie and the television show as his take on these classic aberrations is both frightening and fascinating. In Will Allred, Gene Gonzales, and Rus Wooton’s Diary Of Night Volume 1 we find a character much like Blade with even more inner turmoil.

We meet Catherine Morrison, a vampire who has been alive for more than 900 years, and who is having her weekly talk with her friend, Fran, who she reveals to her, that she has been having increasingly worst nightmares.  As a clash between two powerful vampires have had an impact on the current vampire population, as someone Catherine had been looking after has gone missing, this is only further complicated when she finds out that vampires have gone missing under mysterious circumstances over the last year. As we soon find out that her friend, Tim, had been kidnapped and tortured only to trap Catherine for the kill. This gives our hero, flashbacks of the cruelty that she endured which lead her to become a vampire and what ultimately lead her to kill her creator.

Overall, not your typical vampire story, as what Allred and his team have created is a superior murder mystery, The story by Allred is exhilarating and packed with suspense. The art by the creative team is awe inspiring. Altogether, a story that redefines the genre for the better, remembering to always tell a great story.

Story: Will Allred Art: Gene Gonzales Letters: Rus Wooton
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy