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Review: Voracious: Appetite For Destruction #1

Voracious: Appetite For Destruction #1

The critical favorite series returns with an all new volume with Voracious: Appetite For Destruction #1! Chef Nate Willner’s dinosaur hunts in an alternate dimension reignited his passion for cooking and turned his life around. But traveling through time and space for prehistoric meat has consequences he never imagined. He’s damaged another universe, fractured the trust of the people he cares for most, and unleashed a flesh-hungry monster on his hometown. Can Nate and his friends put aside their differences long enough to save Blackfossil?

Review spoiler: I’m going to recommend you read the entire series. Two trades and this floppy.

Voracious: Appetite For Destruction #1 begins to bring the final chapter of Markisan Naso and Jason Muhr‘s seminal story to close. Voracious was sold to me with the line “time travelling chef hunts dinosaurs”. Over the course of two miniseries, the story evolved from a simple elevator pitch into a time-travelling science fiction masterpiece. It has more layers than a tiramisu.

Voracious remains the only series I have ever backed on Kickstarter (full disclosure). It contains one of the best comics I’ve ever read. It genuinely earned watery eyes with the scenes when Gus desperately tried to hold on to his memory of his wife. Naso has a deft hand for humor and emotion. When paired with the artistic talents of Muhr, the comic comes alive (especially with the vivid colouring from Andrei Tabucaru).

The first volume centered on the real world problems of the inhabitants of Black Fossil. Albeit with one or two of its residents being time travelling dinosaur hunters. Naso and Muhr laid the foundations for the relationships between the characters. They hinted toward something deeper within the sleepy desert town. The second volume took a much sharper turn into the science fiction. Stunning visuals from Muhr and Tabucaru ramped up the emotional impact. The third volume has big shoes to fill. I’m confident that the creative team will deliver upon the high expectations they’ve earned (especially after reading this comic).

You may have noticed that I’ve kept this review very vague in regards to the comic in question. That’s because my hope is that you’ll invest in the series as a whole once reading this. In doing so you’ll appreciate the lack of spoilers. Voracious is a series that will be held as a comic that you absolutely must read.

This is not a series I would have ever expected to be a writer’s debut. But, that’s exactly what this is. Markisan Naso first series is one of the very best I have ever read. That’s not hyperbole, I’m not blowing smoke or trying to curry favour – I just love this series. And Naso, Muhr and Tabucaru have delivered a high quality product each and every time. The worst thing about this comic is that it is the beginning of the series’ end.

Story: Markisan Naso Art: Jason Muhr Colourist: Andrei Tabucaru
Story: 9.1 Art 9.2 Overall: 9.2 Recommendation: Buy

Action Lab provided a FREE copy for review, but I had already received my copy from Kickstarter.

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