Advance Review: Gretel #1

Gretel #1

There is something about broken-hearted superheroes which keep fans coming back for more. Take for instance, the newest program on DC Universe, Doom Patrol. The show is made up of protagonists with very complicated backstories, all of them heart wrenching. It’s the reason people have watched the Showtime show Ray Donovan. They love difficult people they can identify with. It’s even true with music videos as anyone who has seen Alicia Keys’ Dreaming With a Broken Heart, can see in its few minutes, a story of a hero who cannot love.

As human beings often offer empathy through art, each of these stories offer something indelible to their audiences.  What tethers the last Avengers movie together so well is how attached we were to each character who became part of Thanos’ act to diminish existence of half of its population.  Many of us who know the story and anyone who has seen the trailer know this is what drives the remaining heroes forward. In the debut issue of Zenescope‘s new seriesGretel, we get one such protagonist whose powers are put to the test by revisiting some painful history.

Gretel #1 introduces us to a new corner of Zenescope’s Grimm Universe and serves as a solid introduction to the character. It’s a twist on the classic tale following Gretel, who must deal with the tragic events involving her brother and a maniacal witch. She is now cursed with a life that’ll span centuries.

She now also has the gift of premonition which has shown her the end of the world.

Overall, an exceptional debut issue that tells a very different take on a well-known character. The story by Ben Meares is action packed, scary, and solid. The art by Allan Otero and Ceci De La Cruz is vivid and elegant. Altogether, a pulse pounding introduction that shows writers everywhere how to write a great backstory.

Story: Ben Meares Art: Allan Otero and Ceci De La Cruz
Story: 10 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.6 Recommendation: Buy