Toyetica Volume 3: The secrets of Dollington Academy keeping piling up!

In a world where the hottest kid’s toys are based on a very real race of tiny people, a ragtag class of students must prove they’re the best toys for the job, competing against friends and enemies at Dollington Academy to achieve action figure fame…all while being just 6 inches tall. On a class trip to Thread City, Trixie, Minky and Polly discover a conspiracy surrounding the most famous bittle in the world, Portia Palkin. But what is this mysterious cover-up that has been hidden in plain sight for over 30 years? Unravel more of the mystery with everyone’s favorite class of bittles in Toyetica Volume 3!

Written by and art by Marty LeGrow, Toyetica is a series that involves young readers like never before. Readers are encouraged to create and submit their own characters for depiction in the series, allowing kids from all walks of life to experience the inclusion of their personal ideas and identities within the story. Diversity and representation are a central message of the series, aiming to make this kind of messaging accessible to very young readers in a way they can understand.

Toyetica Volume 3, which collects Toyetica #9-12, will be available in a comic book store near you in March 2019. Preorder the trade paperback with the Diamond item code JAN191431.

Toyetica Volume 3