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Jonboy Meyers’ Fallen World #1 Cover Revealed

A cyborg samurai named Rai struggles to find his morality in the year 4002. Can he become the inspirational figure that humanity desperately needs, or will he resort to solving his problems with a sword? A nanite-filled supersoldier named Bloodshot is also on a mission to save the citizens of Earth. Will the brutal Bloodshot and the peaceful Rai work together for the greater good? All signs point to no. Oh, and did we mention there are also dinosaurs on the loose and powerful animal-human hybrid mutants? Good luck with that, Rai. Love smart sci-fi and engrossing world-building? Dan Abnett and Adam Pollina’s Fallen World has you covered!

Valiant has revealed a cover to Fallen World #1 by Jonboy Meyers.

Out this May, Fall World is part of the “Breakthrough” lineup of comics. It features additional covers by Koi Turnbull, AJ Jothikumar, Doug Braithwaite, and David Mack.

Fallen World #1
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