Aquaman Nabs $2.9 Million From Sneak Peeks


This past Saturday, Aquaman sort of debuted on the big screen with a sneak peek for Amazon Prime members. The 1,225 theaters made $2.9 million which best Amazon Prime’s previous leader with this sort of thing, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. That film made $1.86 million.

Aquaman has debuted internationally and in two weeks has earned over $261 million.

Sneak peeks are used as an indicator to see the demand for a show. Big sneak peeks recently have turned into big hits at the box office.

Bumblebee also had one making $500,000 from 325 theaters. An solid $1,500 per screen. That film will go up against Aquaman as they both premiere this coming weekend domestically.

Amazon Prime teamed with Atom Tickets for the Aquaman event and Prime members could buy up to 10 tickets for the showing. For Atom, Aquaman became their top ticket-seller ever in the film’s first 24 hours. The film is the ticket seller’s top pre-sale of all time. For Fandango, Aquaman did better than Venom and Mission: Impossible – Fallout.

Currently, it’s expected that Aquaman will have a $57-$62 million three-day and $115 million five day weekend. After seeing the film, I think those numbers are going to fall short of reality.