Vita Ayala Goes on a Northeast Signing Tour to Promote Livewire #1

Valiant has announced a series of in-store creator signings for Livewire #1, the first issue in a stunning new ongoing series by writer Vita Ayala and artists Raúl Allén and Patricia Martín!

Beginning on December 19th, up-and-coming comic writer Vita Ayala is scheduled to sign copies of their Valiant debut, Livewire #1, in local comic book stores all across the greater New York City area, including the following locations:

Wednesday, December 19th

Forbidden Planet
Manhattan, NY

Bulletproof Comics
Brooklyn, NY

Thursday, December 20th

East Side Mags
Montclair, NJ

Anyone Comics
Brooklyn, NY

Friday, December 21st
October Country Comics
New Paltz, NY

Accomplice. Mentor. Savior. And now, Enemy of the State. Seeking to protect other vulnerable super-powered psiots like herself, Livewire plunged the United States into a nationwide blackout with her technopathic abilities, causing untold devastation. After choosing the few over the many, she must now outrun the government she served – and those she once called allies. With the whole world hunting her, what kind of hero will Livewire be…or will she be one at all?

On December 19th, Vita Ayala and artists Raúl Allén and Patricia Martín – the critically acclaimed duo behind SECRET WEAPONS – forge a new path for one of Valiant’s most complex and courageous characters in Livewire #1! Featuring covers by Adam PollinaHarvey Tolibao, and a special glass variant by Doug Braithwaite!