Preview: Mandela & the General

Mandela & the General

Story: John Carlin
Art: Oriol Malet
Publisher: Plough Publishing House
Release: November 5

Today Nelson Mandela is an international icon: the first leader of the new South Africa, an anti-apartheid hero and a universal symbol of justice. But in 1994, Mandela’s nonviolent struggle for equality very nearly spiraled into an all-out war that would have only ended in “the peace of graveyards.” As the first post-apartheid elections approached with South African blacks poised to take power, the nation’s whites feared reprisal. White nationalist militias claiming 50,000 well-armed former soldiers stood ready to fight to the death to defend their cause. As tensions throughout the country mounted, Mandela began to meet and strategize with the unlikest of political allies—General Constand Viljoen, former chief of apartheid South Africa’s military. The two leaders met in secret, in the hopes of keeping their followers and radical fringe elements from acts of violence. Despite the misgivings of their advisers, the two men put aside their differences for the good of the country. This fall, Plough Publishing will presents MANDELA & THE GENERAL an original graphic novel about this seminal moment in world affairs, by John Carlin, the author of INVICTUS and senior international writer for El País, and the acclaimed artist Oriol Malet.