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Mark Waid Launches a GoFundMe for His Legal Defense

Comic creator Mark Waid has launched a GoFundMe with money going towards his legal defense. Waid is being sued by Richard Meyer, a leader in the Comicsgate movement, who claims Waid interfered in business dealings.

Comicsgate is a hate and harassment movement which claims it’s a “consumer revolt.” The group harasses primarily minority creators, women, African American, LGBTQ+, while claiming comics have “too much leftwing politics” within them today.

Meyer was an early member/founder who gained fame with attacks on creators on Twitter and YouTube, examples you can see below. In a video dubbed “the Dark Roast” he claimed Waid is a pedophile, a slanderous claim with no merit or any basis in reality.

Meyer is suing Waid saying Waid interfered with a deal that Meyer had with Antarctic Press to publish his comics. Antarctic Press denies this is the case and Waid did no such thing.

Waid has stated the lawsuit is without merit and that his defense is standing up to bullies and it’s an attempt to silence those who stand up publicly agaisnt bigotry and racism so they can continue to harass creators without ramifications. He is seeking to raise $75,000 towards his defense.

We, without pause, support Mark Waid in every way in this lawsuit.