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Charles Soule Wraps Up His Run on Daredevil with “The Death of Daredevil”

Marvel has been teasing something big for Daredevil with “The End” but now it’s official that writer Charles Soule will be wrapping up his run with a four issue story arc called “The Death of Daredevil.” With artist Phil Noto, Matt Murdock’s darkest chapter yet end in Daredevil #612 and kicks off in Daredevil #609.

In over fifty issues, Soule has added a lot to the character with these moments sticking out to him.

Mayor Fisk
Matt Murdock arguing before the Supreme Court
Brother Jordan and Ordo Draconum
Bringing Mike Murdock “back to life”

His finale continues the “long tradition of Daredevil writers doing everything they can to screw with the next writer.” Yes, he decided to kill Matt Murdock.

Is this THE END for Daredevil?