Pop! Marvel: Holiday this Fall

Groot might not have a large enough vocabulary to sing any traditional carols,
but that doesn’t mean he isn’t filled with holiday spirit. The Guardians of the Galaxy
member is taking a break from saving the universe to stand in for the traditional holiday tree.

Spider-Man’s leaping onboard the ugly holiday sweater bandwagon while
maintaining his Super Hero flair. He’s also taking a break from battling Super Villains
to indulge in some eggnog, holiday shopping, office parties and caroling. Marvel’s Hulk
is ready to smash the holidays. Judging by the beautiful wrapping on the presents
he’s holding, the Hulk clearly has hidden talents. From office parties to white elephant gift
exchanges to caroling, the holidays are just better with this Hulk Pop! If anyone knows
how to party it’s Marvel’s merc with a mouth. Marvel’s Deadpool is taking a break from fighting

Super Villains, though probably not from his snarky commentary, to celebrate the holidays.
Wielding a pair of candy canes, the Deadpool Pop! is clearly eager to deck the halls.

Pop! Marvel: Holiday are out this Fall from Funko.