littleBits Allows You to Be a Marvel Hero with the Avengers Hero Inventor Kit

Have you ever wanted to be a superhero? littleBits is partnering with Marvel for the Avengers Hero Inventor Kit which includes everything a kid (or adult that’s a kid at heart) needs to build their own super powers. It allows you to be your own Tony Stark!

The kit include 9 bits, 7 hero gear parts, 2 sticker sheets, and a free littleBits Avengers Hero Inventor app.

There’s three new bits along with some popular ones. New through the collection include:

  • The accelerometer senses how quickly you are speeding up or slowing down. This helps it detect different types of motion, like tilting.
  • The round LED matrix is a colorful light display, like a scoreboard. It has four modes: animation, fill, brightness, and color.
  • Sound effects comes with ten pre-loaded Avengers sound effects and the ability to record your own voice and unique sounds.

If you don’t know what it all does and how it works, the Avengers will help you through the app:

  • Iron Man introduces you to the world of superpowers and gets you started on your suit; he will teach you Bit basics and about the BLE connection.
  • Ant Man/The Wasp will help you use motion and gesture to control your circuit, honing your agility and coordination; you’ll learn how to use the accelerometer and LED Matrix modes.
  • The Hulk will help you to create your own custom Super Hero roar and learn to activate and control sound effects; in addition to sound effects, he’ll teach you simple code.
  • Black Widow will help you to get sneaky and use light to your advantage to become the ultimate secret agent; you’ll learn about the light sensor, as well as simple code.
  • Ironheart will help you to customize the physical form of your suit and code your signature look.
  • And finally, Black Panther and Shuri will give you open-ended prompts to create your own Super Hero identity and powers using a variety of input and output Bits.

The kit is available for pre-order and retails for $149.99. It ships August 24th.