First Impressions Featuring: Captain America, Catwoman and the Hulk

Welcome to Graphic Policy’s First Impressions where we take a look at a handful of comics in order to discern just how accessible they are for new readers, because every comic could be somebody’s first – and that’s the first question that’ll be answered with this feature. The second is whether youshould  start there because sometimes a book could be accessible to new readers but the quality could be less than average, and so each comic will receive a score out of ten based upon Graphic Policy’s typical ten point scale.

Where possible we’ll also be providing  recap of sorts for the relevant story beats up until the issue in question in order to help you figure out if the series is something you’re interested in, assuming we’ve read any part of the story thus far. All comics were provided for review purposes unless otherwise noted.


Captain America #1 (Marvel Comics)
Can a new reader start here? Yes.
Recap & review: An almost direct sequel to last year’s Secret Wars, this issue picks up in the aftermath of Hyrdra’s defeat and the sense of confusion and despair is palpable. You don’t need to have read the event series to get the gist of it (Hydra took over the world using either a fake Captain America or a mind controlled Cap. I don’t know which because I never read the series – either way the public saw it as Captain America). Here we see the beginning of Steve Rogers rediscovering his place in the world – with a classic costume.
Rating: 8.7

Catwoman #1 (DC)
Can a new reader start here? Yes.
Recap & review: Assuming you’ve read Batman 50, or at least had it spoiled, you’ll be able to read this. If you want.
Rating: 5.5

Cosmic Ghost Rider #1 (Marvel)
Can a new reader start here? Uh…
Recap & review: Frank Castle is Ghost Rider? What. The. #@!%? Not exactly easy to follow if you’re not at least partly familiar with the character’s more recent history.
Rating: 7.5

Immortal Hulk #2 (Marvel Comics)
Can a new reader start here? Yes.
Recap & review: Bruce Banner was dead and now he isn’t; now he’s wandering middle America. Honestly, the narration gives you all you need. And this comic is phenomenal.
Rating: 9.5

Jim Henson’s Beneath The Dark Crystal #1 (Archaia)
Can a new reader start here? Yes. Kinda.
Recap & review: 
I have never seen or read anything in the Dark Crystal mythos, so if I can enjoy this, so can you. That said, I was quite comfortable not knowing fully what I was getting myself into – your mileage may vary.

Joe Hill’s The Cape: Fallen #1 (IDW)
Can a new reader start here? Yes.
Recap & review: This is good. Really good. A sequel miniseries, but one you don’t need to have read the first few issues of the story.
Rating: 9

Lowlifes #1 (IDW)
Can a new reader start here? Yes.
Recap & review: A crime comic about a good cop turning to the other side of the law for his answers makes a compelling read, and one that really needs no recap (because, y’know, a first issue).
Rating: 7.2

Lost City Explorers #1 (Aftershock)
Can a new reader start here? Yes.
Recap & review: Although one doesn’t need a recap, the review would simply be “go read this now.” Despite the fairly generic set up, this is still an interesting comic with a lot of possibilities for character building relationships in the coming issues.
Rating: 8.1

Unnatural #1 (Image)
Can a new reader start here? Yes.
Recap & review: Well shit. This is just the kinda comic you want to read.
Rating: 8.8

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