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Time Flies When Creating Your Very Own Comic Clock

It should come as no surprise to you that I’m a fan of Valiant comics. Well, I recently decided that I needed a clock for the nerd cave in my house so that  I can keep track of the time when recording (shameless plug) Those Two Geeks with Joe, or otherwise writing within the room (let’s pretend that had forgotten about the clock on my laptop I wasn’t just looking for an excuse to craft something). Since it was unlikely I’d find a Valiant clock anywhere, I thought I may as well go ahead and make one myself. Having made up my mind to create my own clock, I decided that since I have mediocre artistic skills, I’d make a collage of comics for the clock face.

I have never done this before.

What you’ll need to create your own comic clock:

  • Comics you don’t want anymore. I’d suggest against Action Comics #1.
  • A clock face. You can buy this at a craft shop, of sand and make it yourself depending on your level of handiness. I bought mine.
  • Clock mechanism. I found mine at a craft shop.
  • Modge podge. Also from a craft shop. It’s basically glue.
  • Paint brushes. From where ever you get them.
  • Scissors. You probably have these.
  • A sowing needle or pin.

Once I had all my supplies ready I started to cut away at a couple of comics, taking  pages and panels that I thought would be cool or would stand out. Before you get too horrified at my actions, the comics were both free; one from FCBD 2018, and one from the summer of 2017. Even still, cutting them was oddly painful.

My wife didn’t know what to make of her comic loving husband cutting comics, especially Valiant comics, into shreds.

Once I thought I had enough to cover the face, I started putting them roughly in place to see how they’d fit. Not well as it turned out, so I started chopping again.

Once I finally had enough pieces, I started playing around with placement. I figured it would be easier to remove the overlap on the edges once the comic pieces had been attached to the clock face.

At this point I had a decent idea of what I wanted, so I painted a thin layer of Modge Podge on the wooden clock face and started putting the comics down. There’s not as many pictures at this point  because I was in the zone and didn’t want the glue to dry before I’d laid the comics on the clock face. That being said, I quickly discovered that I needed less than half of the pieces I had cut out, and instead settled on some larger panels and such with only a few little additions near the top. It probably doesn’t need to be said, but each comic piece was attached with a very thing layer of the glue and pressed down tightly to avoid air bubbles popping up (but they did anyway, so I poked them with the needle).

Once the glue had dried, I shaved off the edges. Carefully.

Then I poked through the center hole of the clock before putting two more thin layers of glue on the face of the clock. Once that had dried, I put the clock mechanism together, and boom Valiant clock.

The entire process took a couple of hours, which wasn’t as long as I expected. However I did learn that Modge Podge can be tough to work with if you make a slight mistake in laying your pieces down, and that the paper will bubble when applying the glue regardless of how careful you are. The final result, which you can see below, dried remarkably well (and actually looks better the following day – of which there is no image).

All that’s left now is to hang the clock and figure out what to do with all the leftover scraps of comic…