Avengers Infinity War: A Conversational Inter-Review With A Casual Fan

Avengers Infinity WarContrary to what you might expect, my wife isn’t a huge comics fan and hasn’t seen every movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But because she loved Black Panther (didn’t we all?) she wanted to see Avengers: Infinity War with me. I thought it would be interesting to see how the movie held up for somebody who doesn’t gobble up every possible aspect of the MCU within days of it being released. Can this movie be enjoyed by somebody who has only seen a handful (in no order: the first Captain America, Guardians 1 and 2, Thor 3, Ant Man and Black Panther) of the 18 previous movies? Let’s find out!

The burning question; did you enjoy it?

Yes! While I certainly went in blind, not knowing everything I felt I should about the characters and their previous story lines, I found it easy to follow along with  and quickly found myself intrigued by the storyline. I also found myself wanting to watch some of the previous films so I could get to know some of these folks better. Dr. Strange in particular caught my eye. Sorry Iron Man, but you will never get me on board. I don’t know what it is about RDJ that just doesn’t do it for me. But what I do know is that it’s hard to pick which Chris is the hottest of them all. Ok, well maybe not *that* hard… I see you there C. Hemi. But in all seriousness, I was so excited when Black Panther showed up. That was a film that truly grabbed my attention and going in I was most excited to see this character again. Avengers Infinity War certainly was action packed and a fun film that crosses so many familiar characters, that even a casual comic fan (whether I want to be or not, love ya babe) can quickly find themselves hanging of the edge of their seat. I would certainly recommend it.

Did you feel that there was enough of the characters you were unfamiliar with shown so that you got a sense of who they were? 

Yes and no. I couldn’t quite place all the new to me characters, but it didn’t take away from the other all story line. but as mentioned previously, some of the character intrigued me enough to want to get to know them more.

In comparison to the other films you have seen from the MCU, how did the movie compare? 

I think that for me I personally prefer some of the stand alone films more, such as Black Panther and Guardians because as a casual fan, it gives me more of their own stories, but I did like that I knew enough about some of the characters to be able to enjoy this film and get a good sense of how stories develop and cross over in the pages of so many comics.

Speaking of comics; did the movie encourage you to pick up a comic or two? 

Never say never, but it’s likely not my first medium of choice.  That said (as you well know) I do own a few comics of my own already :)

And finally, do you feel the need to see the next Avengers film after having seen Infinity War

Absolutely! I mean, that ending tho!!!!!

Stan Lee has said that any comic could be a person’s first, a view shared by at least one other publisher, and in the case of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the same can also be said. Do you need to watch everything to be able to enjoy the movie? No, not at all. But some familiarity will help you.

Now excuse me so I can continue guiding my wife deeper into the MCU…