Vault Comics’ Free Comic Book Day’s Maxwell’s Demons #1 Gets an Incorrect Rating

Vault Comics has issued an important FCBD alert that their Free Comic Book Day 2018 offering, Maxwell’s Demons #1, is mistakenly rated as “All-Ages”. The proper rating is TEEN (13+) for mild language and violence.

In order help retailers clarify the proper rating to Free Comic Book Day patrons, Vault Comics has created a set of ready-to-print shelf-talkers, flyers, and cover stickers for retailers to download and use them.

Written by Deniz Camp with art by Vittorio Astone, Maxwell’s Demons stars Maxwell Maas is the greatest mind the world has ever known, but at 10 years old he has a lot to learn. Adventuring to distant worlds through his makeshift multiversal closet door, Max will encounter greatness and goodness on a cosmic scale. But will he realize that danger lurks on both sides of the door before it’s too late?