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Review: Dodge City #1

A new series about then high-energy chaos of competitive dodgeball! Tomas is the newest member of the Jazz Pandas dodgeball team, and hefs got a certain knack for keeping an eye on on the ball (or several!). However, he is new, untested, and still not quite part of the team. But if the Jazz Pandas want to make it to summer regional championships theyfll have to pull together and learn to work as a team.

BOOM! Studios has been killing it lately with their sports focused comics and Dodge City is the latest entry, publishing by their BOOM! Box imprint. With a story by Josh Trujillo and art by Cara McGee, Dodge City #1 is a solid introduction to the characters of the series.

As a kid, I loved playing dodgeball, but was utterly rubbish at it as well. There were moments of brilliance but for the most part I could dodge and failed in the whole throw and catch aspect. Still, there’s dreams of joining an adult league for a comeback (from what, no idea). And we dive into this competitive world of the game where we’re introduced to a misfit group of players from two teams. Tomas is our “every person” we’re supposed to relate to.

Trujillo does an amazing job in the first issue using the game itself to introduce us to the various characters. Their personalities shine as the game progresses and by the end we have a perfect idea as to who is who and what their deal is. And the group is varied and impressive with every individual standing out in some way. The series is all about the personalities and how those clash on the gym floor.

Those personalities shine due to McGee’s art with colors from Brittany Peer and lettering by Aubrey Aiese. Much like their personalities, everyone is unique. Their looks vary though each team is uniform in a weird way. What’s solid is the variation of general looks as far as clothes but also height, body shape, and skin color. There’s a wide range here and there’s so much detail on each character it feels like we get a better idea of who they are based on all of the small clues.

Lots of action and a great cast of characters has me coming back for more of this series. BOOM! seems to have found magic with their sports focused comics which bring the popular manga genre to western audiences. This series, as well as Fence, stand out for their focus on characters and their ability to deliver action that doesn’t involve people in spandex punching each other. BOOM! is ahead of the curve when it comes to western comic trends and here, they’re leading the pack once again.

Story: Josh Trujillo Art: Cara McGee
Color: Brittany Peer Letterer: Aubrey Aiese
Main Cover: Cara McGee Variant Cover: Natacha Bustos
Story: 8.15 Art: 8.15 Overall: 8.15 Recommendation: Buy

BOOM! Studios provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review


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  • I’ve been waiting for this series for months. I’m a bit biased (I’ve been friends with Cara for years), but I went in with an open mind pushing the biased to the side. I wanted to experience it for what it was. And man, it did not disappoint! I particularly liked the section where Tomas and Abril spoke Spanish and there WASN’T subtitles. The Spanish is simple enough to follow. But to me what makes a great comic is if you can follow the majority of the story without words. Cara’s art was clear in that section to know what was going on with or without translating the Spanish.
    So wonderful!