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Graphic Policy Radio Goes to the Movies, and Wakanda, for Black Panther. Listen on Demand.

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Black Panther is dominating movie theaters with a record setting debut, the best for any movie released in February, and the second best opening for a film that’s a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The movie is receiving praise form critics, comic fans, and average viewers alike, combining action with deep themes that create a thought-provoking adventure.

Graphic Policy Radio is joined by two guests to discuss the film, Clarkisha Kent and returning guest Charles Pulliam Moore.

Clarkisha Kent is a Nigerian-American, bisexual blerd, a snark mage and a culture critic. She has written for The Root, The Establishment, BET, Into, and, based on her superhero persona, her nemeses include Lena Dunham, Frank Grillo, and Taylor Swift.

Charles Pulliam Moore is a staff writer at io9 where he covers comics and genre culture with a focus on race, representation and queer identity.

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