Review: Judas #2

Judas comes face-to-face with Satan, and the Great Adversary begins to win him over.

The second issue of Judas is here and writer Jeff Loveness and artist Jakub Rebelka take us through the afterlife delivering lots of philosophical things to muse on about fate, destiny, predestination, and how that all applies to religion.

What are Judas’ and Jesus’ role in the bigger picture? That’s what this issue debates as Judas is confronted by Satan. Satan takes him through the history of the Bible explaining that everyone in the many stories needs a villain and Judas is Jesus’. That’s his role and it stinks. Every villain has a role to play and that includes Satan. We’re taken through the major stories and it’s provides an interesting perspective of the Bible and its various parables.

Rebelka’s art is fascinating blending a religious aspect of it all with a tinge of horror as well. The depiction of the various well known characters is interesting and Satan in particular is a new take and design I haven’t seen before. It feels like Hellraiser run visually through the Church.

The issue is a solid one that ups the amount of stuff to think about. By the end, you may be rethinking the Bible and the various villains within. Judas has turned into a hell of a thinker and a fascinating comic to think about what it has to say not just about religion but our role in the world. Judas #2 leaves you with a lot to ruminate on by the end.

Story: Jeff Loveness Art: Jakub Rebelka
Story: 8.0 Art: 8.0 Overall: 8.0 Recommendation: Buy

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