Brian Pulido’s Coffin Comics teams up with Key Collector Comics Mobile App

Just weeks after Valiant Entertainment officially announced a partnership with Key Collector Comics, Brian Pulido has also aligned with the app as his recommended key issue resource to his new and loyal fans.

In February, Brian Pulido will celebrate Lady Death’s 24th year in existence.  In that time, his world-famous character’s supporting cast, series spin-offs and entirely new ventures have grown to triple digits.  With that kind of contribution to the industry, a comprehensive asset like Key Collector Comics is necessary to keep track of where Mr. Pulido’s characters began their journey, where they are now and the milestones in between that defined them.

Like Valiant, Coffin Comics has a dedicated button on the opening search screen of the Key Collector Comics mobile app.  From there, fans can launch into the world of scantily clad angels and demons to trace back to when Lady Death made her first appearance in Evil Ernie #1.

Currently, there are over 60 key issues in the Key Collector Comics database related to the Brian Pulido properties. To generate interest, new keys are added daily, many of which are valuable limited variants that sell for thousands of dollars on eBay.