Skelton Crew Studio’s Debuts a Limited Edition Agatha plush from Head Lopper

Agatha‘s here from Skelton Crew Studio — your favorite Viking’s sidekick. Complete with her wild tangle of hair and mischievous smile, our Limited Edition Agatha plush from Head Lopper measures a healthy 8-inches from top of the head to severed neck. Agatha is a force to be reckoned with. And she can be all yours! Whether you use her as the perfect accompaniment for your Norgal cosplay, a conversation starting centerpiece at your next dinner party, or your newest bedtime cuddle buddy (hey, no judgment here), Agatha is sure to please.

Two things: Orders placed by Jan. 31 will receive a tag signed by “Head Lopper” creator Andrew MacLean himself!

AND the first 50 Agatha will come with a FREE canvas Map of Barra!