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Oni Press’ Releases in February 2018

Dead​ of​ Winter​ Volume​ One

(W)​ Kyle​ Starks​ (A)​ Gabo​ (CA)​ Brian​ Hurtt​ with​ Bill​ Crabtree

From​ the​ tabletop​ smash​ hit​ comes​ this​ new​ ​comic​ series​ starring​ your​ favorite​ characters​ from Plaid​ Hat​ Games’​ DEAD​ OF​ WINTER,​ written​ by​ ​Kyle​ Starks (the​ Eisner​ Award-nominated Sexcastle),​ and​ illustrated​ by​ Gabo​ (The​ Life​ After).​ In​ the​ pantheon​ of​ superheroes,​ none​ are more​ loveable​ and​ loyal​ than​ everyone’s​ favorite​ good​ ol’​ dog,​ Sparky.​ Surviving​ in​ the​ wintery apocalypse​ of​ the​ undead,​ this​ former​ TV​ show​ stunt​ dog​ turned​ zombie​ killing​ machine​ just wants​ to​ make​ friends​ and​ be​ a​ good​ boy.​ As​ his​ fellow​ survivors​ scavenge​ for​ supplies​ in​ the frigid​ wasteland,​ will​ Sparky​ be​ able​ to​ protect​ his​ companions​ from​ threats​ both​ undead​ and otherwise?​ Collects​ issues​ #1-4​ from​ the​ “Good​ Good​ Dog”​ storyline​ from​ DEAD​ OF​ WINTER!

4/18/18​ |​ 112​ pgs​ |​ Softcover,​ 6×9​ |​ Mature​ Themes​ |​ Horror/Comedy​ |​ $14.99

Dead​ Weight:​ Murder​ at​ Camp​ Bloom

(W)​ Terry​ Blas​ and​ Molly​ Muldoon​ (A/CA)​ Matthew​ Seely

Deep​ in​ the​ Oregon​ wilderness​ sits​ Camp​ Bloom,​ a​ weight-loss​ camp​ where​ “overweight”​ teens can​ “get​ in​ shape.”​ Jesse​ would​ rather​ be​ anywhere​ else,​ but​ her​ parents​ are​ forcing​ her​ to​ go. Noah​ isn’t​ sure​ if​ he​ wants​ to​ be​ there,​ but​ it’s​ too​ late​ to​ turn​ back.​ Tony​ is​ heartbroken​ at​ the thought​ of​ giving​ up​ his​ phone​ and​ internet.​ And​ Kate…​ well,​ she​ likes​ the​ hikes,​ at​ least.​ As​ far as​ these​ four​ teens​ are​ concerned,​ it’s​ just​ another​ boring​ summer.​ Until​ one​ night,​ when​ Jesse and​ Noah​ witness​ a​ beloved​ counselor’s​ murder.​ The​ body’s​ gone​ by​ the​ next​ morning,​ but​ a blurry​ photo​ leads​ to​ one​ clue—the​ murderer​ is​ one​ of​ the​ camp’s​ staff​ members!​ But​ which one?​ As​ Jesse,​ Noah,​ Kate,​ and​ Tony​ investigate,​ they​ quickly​ discover​ that​ everyone’s​ got their​ secrets…​ and​ one​ of​ them​ would​ kill​ to​ keep​ theirs​ hidden.

4/25/18​ |​ 176​ pgs​ |​ Softcover,​ 6×9​ |​ Young​ Adult​ Audiences​ |​ Mystery​ |​ $19.99

Invader​ Zim​ #28

(W)​ Sam​ Logan​ (A)​ Mady​ G​ (C)​ Fred​ C.​ Stresing​ (CA)​ Mady​ G​ with​ Fred​ C.​ Stresing​ (CA)​ Rian

SOMEWHERE​ IN​ SPACE​ is​ an​ object​ so​ powerful,​ so​ deadly,​ so​ mysterious,​ that​ no​ one​ has ever​ laid​ claim​ to​ it!​ AND​ ZIM​ WANTS​ IT!​ But​ that’s​ before​ he​ realizes​ WHY​ this​ mysterious object​ is​ so​ hard​ to​ obtain—the​ closer​ you​ get​ to​ it,​ the​ more​ time​ slows​ down.​ But​ hey,​ ZIM’s carried​ out​ stupider​ quests​ without​ giving​ up,​ so…​ well,​ it​ should​ be​ entertaining,​ at​ least.

2/7/18​ |​ 32​ pages​ |​ Standard​ Comic​ |​ All-Ages​ |​ Sci-Fi/Humor​ |​ $3.99

My​ Boyfriend​ is​ a​ Bear

(W)​ Pamela​ Ribon​ (A/CA)​ Cat​ Farris

Bear​ meets​ girl.​ Nora​ has​ bad​ luck​ with​ men.​ When​ she​ meets​ an​ (actual)​ bear​ on​ a​ hike​ in​ the Los​ Angeles​ hills,​ he​ turns​ out​ to​ be​ the​ best​ romantic​ partner​ she’s​ ever​ had!​ He’s​ considerate, he’s​ sweet,​ he​ takes​ care​ of​ her.​ But​ he’s​ a​ bear,​ and​ winning​ over​ her​ friends​ and​ family​ is difficult.​ Not​ to​ mention​ he​ has​ to​ hibernate​ all​ winter.​ Can​ true​ love​ conquer​ all?

4/11/18​ |​ 176​ pages​ |​ Softcover,​ 6×9​ |​ Young​ Adult​ Audiences​ |​ Romantic​ Comedy​ |​ $19.99

Rick​ and​ Morty​ #35

(W)​ Kyle​ Starks;​ Magdalene​ Visaggio​ (A)​ Marc​ Ellerby​ (CA)​ Katy​ Farina​ (CA)​ Marc​ Ellerby​ with
Katy​ Farina​ (CA)​ Jude​ Vigants

Rick,​ Morty,​ and​ Summer​ journey​ to​ a​ prehistoric​ land​ full​ of​ DINOSAURS!​ Thankfully,​ Rick​ has it​ all​ under​ control.​ That​ is,​ until​ he’s​ suddenly​ out​ of​ commission,​ and​ it’s​ up​ to​ Summer​ and Morty​ to​ get​ them​ home.​ Plus,​ the​ conclusion​ of​ “The​ Rick​ Identity”!

2/28/18​ |​ 32​ pages​ |​ Standard​ Comic​ |​ Teen,​ 16+​ |​ Sci-Fi/Humor​ |​ $3.99

Stumptown​ Vol. 2:​ The​ Case​ of​ the​ Baby​ in​ the​ Velvet​ Case

(W)​ Greg​ Rucka​ (A/CA)​ Matthew​ Southworth​ ​​ (C)​ Rico​ Renzi

Dex​ Parios,​ the​ proprietor​ of​ Stumptown​ Investigations,​ has​ a​ new​ office​ and​ a​ long​ list​ of clients​ she​ can’t​ take​ on​ because​ of​ their​ involvement​ with​ crime​ lord​ Hector​ Marenco.​ So​ when Mim​ Bracca​ walks​ into​ her​ life​ with​ an​ open-and-shut​ case​ of​ a​ missing​ guitar,​ Dex​ is​ eager​ to get​ started,​ especially​ when​ the​ rock​ star​ pays​ her​ up​ front.​ But​ Dex​ soon​ discovers​ that​ it’s​ not just​ the​ guitar​ that’s​ gone​ missing…​ and​ she’s​ not​ the​ only​ one​ looking​ for​ it.

4/25/18​ |​ 142​ pages​ |​ Standard​ Comic,​ Softcover​ |​ Mature​ Audiences​ |​ Crime​ |​ $19.99

The​ Damned​ #8

(W)​ Cullen​ Bunn​ (A)​ Brian​ Hurtt​ ​​ (C)​ Bill​ Crabtree​ (CA)​ Brian​ Hurtt​ with​ Bill​ Crabtree

The​ explosive​ climax​ to​ the​ Prodigal​ Sons​ storyline!​ Eddie​ thought​ his​ plan​ was​ simple​ enough, but​ he​ couldn’t​ have​ imagined​ that​ even​ dead​ there’d​ be​ a​ hit​ out​ on​ his​ corpse.​ While​ he​ tries to​ finish​ what​ he​ started​ in​ the​ netherworld,​ it’s​ up​ to​ his​ brother,​ Morgan,​ to​ keep​ his​ body​ safe while​ trying​ to​ figure​ out​ exactly​ why​ they’re​ so​ hellbent​ on​ killing​ his​ brother​ for​ good,​ and​ the secret​ history​ of​ their​ curse.​ The​ answers​ are​ guaranteed​ to​ surprise​ everyone!

2/7/18​ |​ 32​ pages​ |​ Standard​ Comic​ |​ Mature​ Audiences​ |​ Crime/Fantasy​ |​ $3.99

The​ Damned​ Volume​ Two:​ Ill-Gotten

(W)​ Cullen​ Bunn​ (A)​ Brian​ Hurtt​ ​​ (C)​ Bill​ Crabtree​ (CA)​ Brian​ Hurtt​ with​ Bill​ Crabtree

In​ a​ prohibition-era​ world​ where​ demonic​ entities​ pull​ the​ strings​ that​ make​ the​ crime​ families dance,​ Eddie​ is​ a​ mortal​ with​ two​ things​ working​ for​ him.​ First​ of​ all,​ he​ can’t​ die.​ Well,​ he​ can and​ does,​ quite​ often,​ but​ he​ doesn’t​ stay​ that​ way​ long.​ Second,​ Eddie​ runs​ the​ Gehenna Room,​ a​ nightclub​ with​ a​ strict​ “no​ demons​ allowed”​ policy.​ But​ blessings​ and​ curses​ don’t​ look all​ that​ different​ these​ days.​ When​ one​ of​ Eddie’s​ old​ pals​ shows​ up​ seeking​ sanctuary,​ Eddie knows​ he’s​ in​ for​ a​ double-cross.​ That​ means​ walking​ the​ line​ between​ salvation​ and​ damnation once​ more.​ Collects​ the​ 5-issue​ “Ill-Gotten”​ storyline​ from​ The​ Damned.

4/18/18​ |​ 136​ pages​ |​ Standard​ Comic,​ Softcover​ |​ Mature​ Audiences​ |​ Crime/Fantasy​ |​ $19.99

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