New LEGO Marvel and DC Mighty Micros for 2018

2018 will see new Mighty Micros sets for Marvel and DC Comics LEGO fans. The sets continue the concept of two mini vehicles and two minifigs per box. 2018 will see six sets total, three for Marvel and three for DC.

Sets retail for $9.99.

Check out the sets below:

76089 Marvel Mighty Pickups: Scarlet Spider vs. Sandman

76090 Marvel Mighty Pickups: Star-Lord vs Nebula

76091 Marvel Mighty Pickups: Thor vs Loki

76092 DC Comics Mighty Pickups: Batman vs. Harley Quinn

76093 DC Comics Mighty Pickups: Nightwing vs. The Joker

76094 DC Comics Mighty Pickups: Supergirl vs. Brainiac


(via Brick Heroes)