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Comic Bento’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale, 10 Graphic Novels for $25

If you sign up this weekend for Comic Bento, not only will your box ship in time to be lovingly wrapped under the tree, but it will come with up to FOUR extra books!

A New 1-Month Subscription = 1 Extra Book
A New 3-Month Subscription = 2 Extra Book
A New 6-Month Subscription = 3 Extra Books
A New 12-Month Subscription = 4 Extra Books

The extra books will be randomly chosen from back stock and shipped separately from your first Bento.

Plus the coupon TEAMWORK30 will save you 30% on any new subscription!

But that’s not all, you can choose any Previous Bento from the Store for only $10 or Get a Comic Bento XL which comes with ten random books for only $25!

That’s right, you can get TEN Graphic Novels for just $25. That could be upwards of $150-$200 worth of books, for $25! Can you say instant stocking stuffers?

The sale ends on Cyber Monday, November 27th at 11:59 pm EST!

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