Review: Allen: Son of Hellcock

When it comes to sword and sorceryfantasy books, none can ever come close to Conan the Barbarian. There have been many writers who have attempted to emulate that sense of adventure that Robert Howard wrote so well, but they usually end up drawing comparisons no matter how many times, they try to change it. I believe this is intentional as Howard, wrote scenes and characters, that not only stayed with you, days after reading it, but years. His writing even today, still feels like a jolt of electricity, as he insinuates that need to explore immediately into his characters.

As loved as the character of Conan, many writers have also seen the absurdity to his whole situation, as the famous example, is Groo. The most recent example, is the short-lived Son of Zorn, which played on some of these incongruities, some funny, some just plain weird.  No matter how the audience feels, about both examples, they prove that world loves the character. In Gabe Koplowitz, Will Tracy and Miguel Porto’s Allen, Son of Hellcock, is another entry into Conan Fan Club, but one that is little more heartfelt than the other entries.

In the opening pages, we meet the mighty Hellcock, a proud warrior unleashing pain on anyone resembling evil until his premature death, which is also where we meet Allen, a tiny shadow, of who his father was. We soon find out that although Hellcock is dead, his ghost haunts Allen, literally, constantly berating him and making him feel small and there for just about all his awkward moments .Allen, eventually gets sucked into a battle, with Kaarl, the son of his Dad’s archrival, Lord Krong, as he musters what’s left of Hellcock’s company of heroes with the help of Madeline, who is Allen’s love interest. By book’s end,  Allen, though wounded,  is redeemed in many ways, though he can’t be just like his father, he proves to everyone , that he still is heroic.

Overall, an indelible feel good book, which is very tongue in cheek, plays as what if the characters in Robert Howard’s books of Conan, lived  in the same setting of Rodney Dangerfield’s Back To School. The story by Tracy and Kolpowitz,  will have you laughing at every page. The art by Porto is both irreverent and gorgeous. Altogether, even if you don’t love sword and sorcery books, let this book be the bright spot in your day, as everyone loves a good laugh and this book delivers in spades.

Story: Gabe Koplowitz and Will Tracy Art: Miguel Porto
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy