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Valiant’s X-O Manowar #10-14 Pre-Order Edition Bundle Commands “Visigoth” with Exclusive Covers, And More

Valiant presents the X-O Manowar #10-14 Pre-Order Edition Bundle – available only as a pre-order set to fans who reserve the series’ next armor-plated jumping-on point, “VISIGOTH,” with their local comic shop by the initial order date (IOD) of October 26th, 2017!

Beginning this December with a standalone prelude introducing an all-new band of intergalactic bounty hunters from New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt with spectacular painted interiors by artist Renato Guedes in X-O Manowar #10“VISIGOTH” then begins Aric of Dacia’s all-or-nothing race across the world of Gorin as incendiary artist Ryan Bodenheim comes aboard in January’s X-O Manowar (2017) #11!

Released monthly from December 2017 through April 2018, each PRE-ORDER EDITION comes packed with trade paperback-style extras and bonus content, including creator commentary, behind-the-scenes looks at the creation of the comics, process character designs and artwork, and first looks at upcoming issues – plus exclusive covers by Renato Guedes and Ryan Bodenheim that can’t be found anywhere else!

One does not rise to power without making enemies along the way… and for X-O Manowar, the armored emperor of the planet Gorin, those enemies’ grievances have now come due. To end his reign, Aric of Dacia’s adversaries have paid a blood-fueled bounty to a ragtag assemblage of the cosmos’s most feared undesirables and cutthroat killers – alien beings whose viciousness is matched only by their greed. And their hunt starts… now.

Meet the most feared band of trackers the Valiant Universe has ever known right here as New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt and blockbuster artists Renato Guedes and Ryan Bodenheim begin the ultimate culmination of Aric of Dacia’s yearlong journey from solider to general to emperor to outcast as “VISIGOTH” takes hold!

Fans and retailers, take note: The only way to obtain the X-O Manowar #10-14 Pre-Order Edition Bundle is to pre-order all five issues with your local comic shop by the initial order date of October 26th, 2017! No more copies will be made available beyond that date and subsequent issues will not be offered in later solicitations!