Scout Comics Announces Planet Caravan from Stefano Cardoselli

The Summer of Scout continues, featuring the eighth of eight new upcoming Scout comic book properties!! This week, Scout has announced Planet Caravan by Stefano Cardoselli!

In the future, wars are waged over the conquest of entire systems and galaxies. Led by Corporations, dominion over mining and farming properties is the sole purpose. Travis, a captain, fights in these seemingly never-ending wars. With all his friends and fellow soldiers dead, his only desire is to make it home to his wife, Kate. After a long and dangerous journey back to earth, he discovers that the war beat him there.

Stefano Cardoselli is a Tuscan-born artist, creating comics since 1999.  A frequent contributor to Heavy Metal Magazine, Stefano has also worked with 2000AD, Simon & Schuster,  Antarctic Press, Blue Water Comics, Dark Slinger Comics, and (of course) Scout Comics.