Review: Kahlil #9 Last Lights

The mythology of Superman is quite dense and has many allusions to the real world. The one thing that has always fascinated me, was the fortress of solitude, as it kept many of his secrets and history in one place. When he needed to get away, he can always come back there, and this place is where he found solace most of the time. The other facet of this place, was how he could see his whole history.

In the many times, they have sought to show his parents and what happened at Krypton in the comics, on TV and in the movies, not once it appears it felt real, at least to me. As it all felt like he was watching a movie play out every time. I never felt like there was any loss, but more like he is watching a documentary. In this issue of Kahlil, Kumail Rizvi accomplishes what all those other creators, could not do, bring heart to what is devastating event.

We catch up with Kahlil and Jor-El, as he is brought to the fortress of solitude and he is shown, who is and where he came from. Kahlil, finds out how his parents met and what Jor-El, had hoped for Krypton to be. We also meet Lara, his mother and ow she struggled to part was with her newborn son and to send him in such a disparate situation, knowing she will never see him again. By issue’s end, Jor-El, reveals Kahlil was never meant to be alone.

Overall, an excellent issue which gave this writer all the feels, as this portrayal was more realistic than past retellings of Kal-El’s origins. The story by Rizvi is emotional and heartfelt. The art by Rizvi is luminous. Altogether, this has to be the best issue yet, as Rizvi revisits some origins within canon but deviates at the right places.

Story: Kumail Rizvi Art: Kumail Rizvi
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy